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This semesters DA and Podcast #1

Okie dokie, yo. 

This semester I am trying something new; podcasts! 

Which i uploaded on Google Drive until I get my act together and can post quality content on Soundcloud. 
Basically the text here will be what I didnt say in my podcast, and it will probably become a permanent fixture for my DA. 
Forgotten things:

– all research for my DA comes through personal experience and the guidance of other fanoage admins who are kind enough to help me

– i will avoid mentioning names of promoters and those who help me because i would rather not disclose that information 

– i will vlog the concerts I go to and the upload them onto a YouTube channel. 

– might have a hashtag for people to ask me questions on; and run it through my uni Twitter account to build a business OP
Here is the podcast:

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Week 1 : An introduction and a throwback

Introduction: Jessie, 19, international media major (I think)- my twitter is here and clearly, this is my blog.

I’m in the media and communications degree because it sounded interesting, and I showed up to my first year lectures and was told that apparently the weird k-pop shit I do on the side is actually a possible future career and so here I am.

A 2nd year in a 3rd year subject, really confused but definitely trying. At least I didn’t do this last semester, that would’ve been a mess.

So to start off, basically I run a variety of online forums and groups. Mostly Facebook and Twitter, also lately I’ve been looking into an app called Amino- since it’s heavily k-pop based.

Online through just groups and Twitter accounts I have an audience of around 15,000 people. I am also in frequent contact with promoters and other official-type people which is not as great as people think.

I’m also volunteering for a company called Asian Pop Radio to boost their social media activity. Not to gloat (well, I am slightly) but within the span of 3 days, I boosted their social media presence by 786%. I think this is an achievement.

A problem I have is that i’m very blunt online and when I am trying to be positive it can come across as sarcastic… which isn’t good considering my line of work but I’ll work on that.

In terms to my blog posts, i’m more comfortable with typing and hyperlinking than creating images/videos. AND TECHNICALLY i’m not acting any lesser because the blog itself is still media.

I’ll be dividing my blogs into sections so it’s easier for me to study later on, and probably easier for you to follow since my brain tends to jump between topics often.

Does anyone else crave Garlic bread like, ALL THE TIME????

This weeks lecture:

Cyber-culture is the reaction to the constant and evolving presence of technology within the everyday world. The media created based on this concept often represents the present worries and not the actual future.

Source opinion of the week: Visit the Museum of Media History (as imagined in 2004)

This video was surprisingly accurate in that it predicted Google becoming the main source of information on the internet. However, Google has surpassed Amazon in terms of populating search results based on preferences since it partnered with Twitter. Although that partnership fell apart, it would have benefited Google a lot to view the hashtag and following system Twitter implements.

Surprisingly, the video didn’t predict the importance of social media sites nor the implementation of a site like Facebook. Although, Facebook and Google aren’t officially connected, there’s no surprise to be gained if Google was making use of the free information Facebook provides.

The video itself enforces the concept that cyber media is based on the present and not the future- as in 2004 Google would have worries a lot of people (including dead media)

DA ideas:

So, after picking up this subject on request from Travis, I walked in to happily realise that Chris already knew what I was doing in terms of my k-pop management and within 10 minutes I’d already been sold on the idea of podcasts.

I don’t like the sound of my own voice, but I hate typing copious amounts of words more. I will definitely be willing to give it a shot and if it doesn’t work, then FEFO and let’s move on.

I’m hesitant though, to let people know how I do things because it is competitive and at the moment, I’m probably the 3rd best at it in Australia and I’d like to keep it that way until I graciously retire at the age of 22.

I don’t want to spend my whole life managing Facebook pages but something on the side, that I could do while working another job would be absolutely amazing.

I keep being told that what I do is a career, but it’s not one I want to be honest. My work hours are 8:30am – 4am every day and there are no breaks. Add on a double degree and part time online work and it isn’t enjoyable.

So in that case, maybe I should teach someone how to do it in moderation; to not let them get to the point I’m at but also to be more efficient.

Just an idea at this point~ onto the next!!!





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The Future of Employment- Research Proposal

After being asked to decide on a proposal idea, as stated in my last blog post; the future of work interests me the most. Social media and the internet is having a huge effect on how we work and especially on how long we work for.

The working hours are no longer 9-5 and instead we are online and working almost 24 hours a day. This lack of rest can have huge detrimental effects on those who are working and it’s important that these effects are identified and treated.

My question would revolve around whether or not the rise of social media and the newer technology made available to us has had a positive or negative affect on us psychologically. And whether the positives out-weight the negatives.

This topic is something i’m knowledgeable about because i do work with social media and know first hand of the effects it has- it would be interesting to study this further and see if there are any changes that can reduce the psychological stress.

My approach to this will be looking through studies conducted on social media marketers and people who run paid social media accounts. This would provide a basic understanding of their circumstances and enable me to make comparisons to come up with an answer for my question.

I will be able to conduct interviews and also compare this to my personal experience with social media. This will enable me to have a more in depth analysis of what effects it has on people and whether or not it’s beneficial  in the long run or too detrimental to the psych of those employed in this way.

It will also be important to compare the older ways of employment to the newer form so that I’m able to accurately answer my question. I think that it’s important that I get a lot of my information from first hand sources since it will be more accurate and provide a larger variety of information.

I will also have to clarify what is included in social media work. is it being paid or just working towards a certain goal using social media?

Personally, I manage and run approximately 9 different online forums and I often go with minimal sleep as I have to remain active longer than the majority of the members to ensure that the group is running smoothly. The impacts the world of social media has on a person is something affecting me personally and I hope to study this further to prove that social media and technology are affecting how we work.





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Reflexivity and Research ideas

Reflexivity is cause and reaction. To relate this to curiosity; Curiosity is the cause and reflexivity is the reaction.

If research is formalised curiosity then the products of our research are another form of reflexivity of which the product is beneficial.

This class requires us to follow our curiosity into a research question. Of course instills curiosity.

Our questions are pretty broad:

the future of work
the future of universities
the future of information

Two of these interest me, and it isn’t the future of university. Well, it does, but lowkey compared to the other two.

I think that the way we gather information is already advanced but also very flawed. It’s made us lazy in that we expect the information found on the internet to be true and rarely in everyday life do we bother to seek further resources to clarify the information; especially when it comes to news articles.

Then again, it was probably like that before new media came into play anyway.

I think I’m most interested in the future of work; especially in relation to social media and the job opportunities coming from it.

i personally am looking for a job in this role, and am currently volunteering for a radio show to increase their social media presence… It’s pretty obvious where I started working for them haha. So I hope to use this reflexivity to produce a project that also benefits me outside of the course.

Their social media links are here and here.

The first image to show up under reflexivity: escher-drawing_hands


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An introduction to my curiosity

Curiosity is this.

But to me it’s motivation. Curiosity is the reason  get out of bed every morning, it’s the reason I agree to random tinder dates and it’s the reason I enjoy studying.

The world has endless things to be curious about. Like this, and this. But have you ever thought about this? It is the cause behind the 3 hour long YouTube rabbit hole of cat videos; you’re curious about what it will do next!

The endless Wikipedia procrastination and the reason why I know there’s 6 Billion people in the world who don’t use the internet and the Japanese word for apple is ringo, which is also a popular girls name.

It’s the motivation to learn so many languages that I will probably never use.

Curiosity is the reason why you clicked on those links. It over takes you like a twitch, something you can’t help but it will continue to happen, sometimes it leads to embarrassment and other times it leads you to the answer you’ve been waiting for.

I think it’s important to be curious. It’s important to have that thirst for knowledge and to find out exactly what happened to Marilyn Monroe (conspiracy!!).

Lack of curiosity shouldn’t exist. If you aren’t curious, are you even living?

This website hereeeeeee; enforces my idea that curiosity makes you smarter. Why learn about one thing when you can know everything?

I’m not sure if this is how I’m supposed to be writing in this subject but here it is; this is me.

My name is Jessie, I’m 19 years old and I look forward to being in BCM212 with you all~!

Last thing: this is the first picture that shows up when you Google curiosity! #explore.



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Not a Uni Blog

I thought i would make use of the empty space, be a little bit cliche and just vent about what’s going on right now and what I know will no doubt continue to happen.

I think I’m going to start this by saying that although I seem harsh, I am very sensitive. I’m just introverted so it comes across weird. That’s why I have such an issue writing blog posts that people will actually read but I feel like considering how this semester will go; I need a place to vent.

I’m not sure if these will ever get published, but even if they do; feel free to ignore their existence because I definitely will.

I’m not going to bother with a background check, except to say that i run fanprojects for K-pop concerts and that’s becoming the reason behind all my stress haha.

Firstly, majority of the online community who have never spoken to me directly hate me. This is either because they think I’m using my adminning to get benefits (which i clearly don’t) or because they’ve gotten on my bad side and I ignore them or point out that they’re wrong. Either way, clearly my fault.

So, over the holidays, and even before that, I’d been working closely with promoters to get a popular group to come here. This means suggesting venues, running polls and basically giving them statistics to prove that bringing such an expensive group here would be a good idea.

And it happened. The group is coming.

But the thing is, I am not the only admin for this group in Aus and even though I run the largest group; the other group admins clearly don’t like me or how i do things. which is fair enough, I have a bad rep.

But somethings they said to me really hit too close to home. I’m not sure if it counts as bullying since I deserve it.

“given the recent events that have transpired with igot7’s and from feedback from the BAP and Seventeen concerts, as well as disgruntled ****s we feel that its best that AKP is the project manager for any **** concert projects. This is to avoid any unnecessary drama and conflict between project organisers and fans.

As you already know, Australian fans are mostly multifandom and opinions and news travels fast. As it currently stands, based on our observations we are uncomfortable to collab with u as per ur proposal.

You have also publicly insulted our sponsor Sad place and they really want nothing to do with u. We know u have apologised but the damage has been done.

Based on latest discussions with promoters and event sponsors, AKP are looked on favourably as project managers as we have successfully done so in the past, not only locally but also offshore.

Thanks for letting us know ur intentions clearly. We appreciate u reaching out to us 😊

That hurt. I’ve worked hard to get the group where it is, just because they’re older than me and have more money doesn’t make them suitable. Yes, they’re more organised but it doesn’t mean everyone is comfortable with them running the projects nor do I see why they have to be the ONLY ones doing them.

I get complaints about them too but I’ve never used it as a reason to invalidate their efforts; nor would I ever. A lot of people will only make complaints when they don’t have the full story.

I also didn’t insult their sponsor; I had well over 10 accounts from people saying that they were leaking information and I acted based on that. If it turns out that it was the staff leaking it; that’s not my problem.

But as a rule, if someone apologises to me; I don’t continue to hold it against them and I would never invalidate someone when they’re still trying to learn.

These admins are older than me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are favoured more; but I don’t think they should have said it like that considering the only thing I said before then was that I’ve already got preliminary clearance from promoters for my project and i would like to do mine, rather than theirs which probably came across wrong, but i don’t think it deserved a total roasting like that.

In the meantime, I’m working on all our projects and raising money for them~ we can’t self fund ours, nor have we had the chance to save up for them ourselves.

I’m just super stressed all the time because yes, I’m organised but considering how my mistakes are constantly thrown back in my face and everything I do seems to be wrong; idk how I’m gonna do it.

Moody rant #1 over lmao.

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My Opinion on Other Opinions (Losing privacy means taking someone elses)

This weeks topic, spoke about the Internet of Things and also how it relates to our political system. After reading a few blog posts, I came to realise a few things:

  • Even though we are in a social media age, there are still millions of people that do not in fact use social media; these means that while describing a “majority of Australians” that like something on Facebook- unless you can get 11million people to like a post… You’re lying.
  • One of our sources talks about self-tracking and how we record information about ourselves and then make adjustments or changes based on this; we do this on social media as well. When we post a status, and receive no likes/comments, we usually delete it after realising we didn’t say something “cool” enough. The next time we post a status, we change the content and post again.
  • There are also more ways to track other people. You can start a diet with other people and track what they’re eating, if they’re losing weight and especially what they eat- this is in terms of dieting of course but also, we are losing a lot of our general privacy through the expansion of the Internet of Things.


With K-pop, especially as an admin, my role is to update the groups I run, on what their Idols are doing. I have to post where their next concert is, where they’re performing next, photos of them at the airport (when applicable).  This is high-key stalkerish but with the internet, it’s just too easy. These people are in Korea, and I am able to tell you where they ate lunch, and what they’re doing tomorrow.

It gets worse.

As an admin, I am expected to know literally every last detail about each member. Birthdays, Blood types, favourite colours and even if they have any siblings, and their siblings names. If I don’t, I’m seen as a bad fan, or a “fake stan”.

Thank you, internet.

Through the growth of social media and the general technology of the internet, you’re literally losing your own privacy, and gaining someone else’s.

Here’s a google doc where I typed out basic profiles for the three youngest members of BTS within 5 minutes:


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UOWLeaks; I understand hackers

Guess what I did? I started trouble and I blame the tutors but honestly, it’s my fault for posting it all over Facebook.

I created a page called UOWLeaks on Facebook. The aim of the page was to target feedback given by tutors in classes that was… lacking.

Travis was my first example!

“Your meme’s need more magic” does not help me in the slightest- I already know how not-dank I am. I was sick and tired of receiving “comments” that weren’t relevant or helpful at all. I am here to study, not to be giving stock comments from years ago (ty Travis for that info).

The results from the page were HUGE. I had all kinds of people angry-keyboarding at me on Facebook; some of which were UOW staff (lol).  But the exciting thing was how people reacted.

I revealed my identity and similar to one of our sources – this was to gain attention. I had no actual malicious intentions other that to –pardon the language- fuck shit up.

I succeeded. Even got a Twitter message from Ted and found out I was now an example in class and to be honest; I realised a key reason why hackers do what they do.

To be the topic of conversation, to have people praising what you are doing, for speaking out and rebelling against something – and getting abnormal amounts of attention for it; is great.

While hacking and releasing the personal information gained is very bad; I also understand the thrill and want behind it.

It’s a protest.picsart_10-20-07-08-43

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A New Beginning (DA 3.0)

Okay so, I am super excited by a new opportunity coming my way. Who would’ve thought that by admin-ing and being knowledgeable about K-pop; I’d get the opportunity to volunteer at a radio station!

Basically, a post came up from the station asking for people to apply; I sent in an email; they were impressed and boom! The start of a career!

The radio station is called Asian Pop Radio, they’re Melbourne based and need someone to help them in their online presence and content creation. While, I’m not sure if I can help them to the extent they need; I can definitely give it a go!

My roles will be to update their social media accounts, and website (as well as learn how to re-vamp said website to make it more interactive.) I will also be responsible for editing and creating articles and content.

I have to start working out a game plan and the first thing to aim for is; more content tailored towards a general audience. APR wants to be a station that is inclusive of ALL Asian music styles; but the money is in K-pop and the fans here.

I think I’m going to aim the content towards them, and the fan groups on Facebook- so that then it will be spread and shared amongst just over 10k people.

Most K-pop fans aren’t actually on Facebook – so I’m going to suggest we set up a group of people to go to events and do in-person promotion, as well as more vlogging style videos (they want to be more present on Youtube)

APR hope to compete with other companies like K-Music and SBS PopAsia; it seems impossible to be honest. The collage below compares all three… I have a big task ahead of me.

This week’s topic discussed social activists and the impacts of social media in important events – as well as building up a personal public sphere! This is what I’ll be doing for APR and basically the success of this radio will rely on their social media presence, which I will be building up.


Talk about pressure…


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A bit too dramatic

“the internet is more important and disruptive than [its greatest advocates] have previously theorised”. Well, duh.

Through the internet, it’s possible for both amazing and not-so amazing things to happen.

Yes, we can organise large amounts of people and protest and highlight important issues within the world…. But we mostly use it for sharing memes and what we are thinking about even though no one really asked.

The internet itself is a giant ball of different threads, sometimes important ones are withdrawn and passed around but unless it strikes a chord with the person pulling it out, then it’s just going to be returned and no real-life action will be taken.

In regards to the internet and politics, well, you just have to look at Facebook to see the U.S Debate spread everywhere.

While some posts are highlighting how useless both Hilary and Trump are and giving you important facts and making sure that you know who the lesser evil is and why…

The majority of the posts are meme’s. Hilary is being bombarded with pepe and well, Donald is pulling handkerchiefs from his nose (I’ve managed to utilize my amazing photoshop skills to k-pop-ify this fad!!).

I think our sources are very focused on the serious effects of events social media has, which is fair enough but the reign of social media will soon fade and what the massed will remember, isn’t the protests, but the dank memes and friends.